Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thursday - Friday, 27-28 Oct 2016

I "decided" to be crook  (sick) these days and a few after.  The antibiotic that I decided to take was a bit old and did part of the job, but not all of the job.  Thankfully we had light days, or at least I did so I was able to meet with the YSA for 1-2 hours and then go back to the flat and rest.  We skipped out of Friday Game Night.  Thankfully the Lems (the other senior couple) exchanged cleaning weekends with us and they did the cleaning on Friday night.

It is terrible being sick and not being able to do all of the work that you would like to do.

Margaret met with several of the YSA girls during these days as she had more time booked with them. Margaret is doing a lot of teaching of English with several members and some that have heard about us teaching English and have come to ask for help.  We are working with a Slovene brother and sister which I have mention before.  Margaret has also added an Iranian lady and a lady from Vietnam.

Me, I am learning to be patient during this bout of infection - well, maybe a little patient.  

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