Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday 19 Nov 2016

Today was a complete Saturday off.  We spent the morning cleaning the flat and Margaret made Lasagne - without cottage cheese which is a bit different here than in the USA.
At 1 pm we met with one of the students and heard how their test went on Friday - not so good according to them. They are to take the test again in 2-3 weeks, so we are putting on a full court press over the next few weeks to help them practice the parts of the test where they need some more help.

Around 4 pm we took off and walked to the Royal Botanical Gardens.  We wanted to see if the rose garden was  still there and how it looked.  We found that the rose garden was not as big as it used to be - nothing stays the same.  So below is our picture story of our walk.  We tried to eat dinner at the street fair in the Rocks, but it was closed so we had to eat at home - not so bad actually since we were able to check out the lasagna.

The last of the roses.  Most have bloomed and died away

BUT the lilies were out in force

Lots of lilies

and more lilies

and lavendar lilies.   GORGEOUS

One of the fig trees in the Royal Gardens.  The trunks are very gnarly and some of the trunk is actually additional roots.  Good looking woman standing next to the tree

The Royal Gardens are pushing chocolate - good for them

What is left of the rose garden. There are some beds just past the building at the end of the walk that Mike is walking on.

The "last" new bloom of the season.

Built as the stables for the Government House (home of the Governor), this building is now part of the Conservatorium of Music, Sydney University

Cadillac waiting to carry away a bridal party at the Conservatorium

Not to be outdone, someone has a Rolls Royce waiting for them

Anyone for a short jaunt around the harbour?  Cruise ship pulling out of Circular Quay on it's way to New Zealand 

The front of the Opera House as seen from the Royal Gardens

The Harbour bridge from the Royal Gardens.  Ferry boats on either side and Opera House to the right

The Royal Botanical Gardens are 200 years old this year

Anyone interested in their wedding photos being taken on the steps of the Opera House?

Time to go home and eat dinner.

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