Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday, 5 Nov 2016

Today was a lazy day - boy was that nice.  We slept in and I did not have to be at the ward building until 9 am to meet with one of the YSA who is in a panic to get his last English paper turned in.  I found out this morning that he was turning it in late - not what he told me Friday morning when we were working on the paper.  So we finished up the paper this morning and he submitted it on line.

By 11 am we were finished and I headed back to the flat to 'sards' my white shirts - putting Sards soap on the collars and cuffs to help fight the dirt.  Then I ironed the clean shirts so that I had something to wear on Sunday and the following week.  While I am slaving away, Margaret went over near the QVB building to a yarn shop!!!!  She had a great time there for a few hours and came back with some material for some new projects that she wanted to do.

We ate lunch and took a well deserved nap.  It was nice to have a Saturday in which we did not have to run some where.  For dinner we walked down Oxford street to a Northern Indian restaurant that we have seen before.  Since tomorrow is Fast Sunday, we ordered more than normal (maybe even more than needed this time) and had a delicious Indian dinner.  We then wallowed out of the restuarant and back to the flat so I could pick up a jacket before ambling off to Darling Harbour to see the Saturday evening fireworks.  We traipsed through Tumbalong park on the south side of Darling Harbour and made our way to the harbour.  We found some nice, hard decking to sit on and waited for the fireworks to start (about an hour from when we sat down).  About 20 minutes into our sit, a ranger came by and told everyone that there would be no fireworks tonight and that the schedule was changed to every other Saturday - now they tell us.  The web site does not say this, so I guess technology is not always the best way to communicate.

So we walked back home in time for me to check the ward bulletin and get it ready for printing.  Thanks to one of the YSA, my work with the bulletin is only "once in a while" as she (the YSA) is the one that does all of the work.
Then I had some time to work on the blog and now it is time to go to sleep - the nap was good but not enough.

Tomorrow is fast Sunday.  May you each have a great Sabbath day and in your own way keep it holy and as a sign of your love for the Saviour, Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father.  Sunday is their day and we should use it in a way that helps them and shows our love & respect for them - that is not too much to ask given what they have provided each of us.  May God bless

Margaret with our northern Indian dinner - lots of different curries & nan

A street lined with Jacaranda trees that we walk by on our way home from the Indian restaurant

Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour - one of the water fountains.  We went over to see the fireworks, but they changed the schedule from every Saturday night to ever OTHER Saturday night.

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