Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

Today was finding the 1 and leaving the 90 & 9.  We use Wednesday afternoons to go find the "lost sheep".  Today we went to Burwood and Homebush.   Burwood has a large Chinese population and Homebush has both a large Chinese and Indian population.

We visited the flats of 4 of our members, but did not find anyone home.  We made phone calls and found that 2 of them have moved to other parts of Australia, and two of them are still residing here in Sydney.

Sister Haley at Burwood station waiting on a train to take us to Strathfield so we can catch a train to Homebush

Homebush station.  Note the fancy, old time grill work on the top of the station cover

Homebush station sign

Fleminton station where we got off to go to Homebush West for one of the lost sheep.  The Sydney Markets are here, and we think they are (the ??) one of the wholesale markets for Sydney.

One of the streets in Homebush West.  We bought some meat & chicken Masala dry mix from an Indian/Sri Lankan store a bit further down the street.  We need to find a day that we can try them out - hard to wait that long.

Picture of some of the fruit for sale at the store in the above picture

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