Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wed-Thursday, 23-24 Nov 2016

We decided to take Wednesday afternoon off as part of our Thanksgiving Day (Thursday).  Australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving since it is an American holiday, but the Mission President basically declared Thanksgiving as a holiday for the senior missionaries.  The young missionaries still had to work on Thursday, 24 Nov - hah, at least one privilege for being a "senior" missionary.

We are to provide a mixed fruit dish for Thanksgiving, so we went to Costco on Monday and bought apples, pineapple & frozen berries. Then on Tuesday we went to Coles and bought the rest of the fruit.

Wednesday we worked in the morning and caught the train at about 1 pm for Seven Hills.  Rhonda Crosbie met us at the train station and took us back to her place, but did make a stop at Bunnings so I could look for some hardware items that I needed.  Her knee replacement surgery is doing well and she has been allowed to drive this week.  The girls dropped me off at Rhonda's with a list of "fix-it" jobs and took off to shop for dinner.  A LONG time later they came back with the food, but had also taken a few detours through other stores while they were out.  I was able to get most of the jobs done before they came back.   One item that I was not able to get finished was to change the frequency on her remote/wireless doorbell, but we got it figured out after they got back.  Now Rhonda will not have the doorbell going off in the middle of the night caused by some other neighbor having the same frequency.   We had a good time visiting with Rhonda.

Thursday morning we finished cutting up the fruit and making the fruit dish. Rhonda's daughter-in-law picked us up and took us over to the mission home.  The ladies met at noon and took off for Castle Towers shopping centre while the men watched a little football and discussed some Church organisational items.  Some of us got tired of football and went over to the meeting room and set up the tables/chairs for the 4 pm Thanksgiving dinner.  We decided to use the china dishes instead of plastic plates and even put tablecloths on the tables - impressed ????
Dinner was plentiful, just like back home.  We had great food and visited with those at our table. After dinner we cleaned up, packed up and then headed to the train station for the ride home.  We got home and unpacked the trolley.  Then we fell into bed and slept soundly.

 Senior Missionaries gathering around the tables, patiently waiting for the food to be ready to consume
 The turkey
 The turkey being placed on a platter, so we can eat it
Vegetable plate from the Lems with dip in the red/orange peppers in the middle of the plate
 more of the table being prepared.  Turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes in the foreground.  Margaret way in the back cutting up the dessert
 Fuit plate & veggies in foreground with pies in the back
 Dessert anyone?
 Margaret (on right) cutting up a pie
Margaret with her plate of Thanksgiving dinner

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