Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016

Tuesday is a blur in the memory highway.  At the moment, I cannot remember a thing that happened that day, so let me look at the calendar.  Oh yes.  We made a call to one of the sisters that we home taught in Newbury Park since she was in hospital/rehab for a few weeks. It was good to talk with her. Then we needed to talk with one of the USA credit card companies that had sent us replacement cards - that did not make it the first time.  So we were calling to find out the status of the resent cards - they arrived on Thursday, 28 Oct - HALLELUJAH.  Then over to the ward building so we could check the air conditioning and report a problem with one section of the offices - warm air was coming out when the ac was on. Then there was the door closures in the stairway that needed to be reported to the building manager so they could be adjusted to close a bit slower and not cause a loud, banging noise when they closed.  Then we were back on track working with full time missionaries, YSA members or investigators on learning English. Then the IELTS practice tests started at 6 pm.  Then we worked with one of the YSA after IELTS on their English papers.

Wednesday was a different day.  We called Mike's mum via skype video at 8:30 am and talked with her for an hour.  This is a weekly thing for us now.  Then we took some things over to the office and then left for a visit with Rhonda Crosbie, a good friend of ours from the Sydney area.  She just had knee replacement surgery and we went to help cheer her up.  We caught the 607X bus from Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and headed out to Norwest - about 40 minutes away.  We got off the bus and then walked to the hospital.  We spent a few hours at hospital and then caught the bus back to QVB.
We then found the route to use to visit one of the YSA that lived over in the Ultimo area of Sydney, but got sidetracked on the way.

There was a yarn store near the bus stop, so Margaret went in to check it out.  I went into the local hardware store to buy some side cutters.

What an enticing sign for Margaret

We then headed to Ultimo to find our YSA member; however, we did not have as much luck as we would like.  We did find where she lives, but she was not home so we left a note and tried calling her.

On the way home, we went by Hannah's pie shop which is one of the places I used to frequent when I was over in Sydney installing equipment in the Optus telecom hotel in Ultimo.
Meat pie with mushy peas and gravy.  How could anyone resist such a tempting dish?  It was delicious.

you can get the meat pie & mushy peas with a layer of mashed potatoes if you want.  Maybe next time???

The main sign at Hannah's.  We did not go for the chips as the meat/mush peas/gravy was sufficient

Then back to the ward building and home for a few minutes before coming back later for some more English teaching and Bishopric meeting.  I did get out a bit early from Bishopric meeting so we headed home so I could get some rest - I am getting a sore throat and losing my voice.

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