Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monday, 28 Nov 2016

Today was our "P" (personal day).  We cut out most of the fabric for the baby blanket over at the meeting house because there are some long tables that we could use.
Margaret met with one of the kids for a few hours and helped them prepare for their upcoming test in 2 weeks.  I met with one of the YSA guys and helped him with getting some things straightened out with the new flat manager. He is changing flats and got some things hosed up.
Then it was back to the flat.

Margaret baked a chocolate cake and then made snickerdoodles.  She was going to make chocolate chip cookies, but for some reason she changed her mind and made the snickerdoodles.  Well, we found out on Tuesday why her mind was changed - one of the new young missionaries had his birthday on Tuesday and his favorite cookie is snickerdoodles !!!  So just like Elder Bednar has said - most inspiration comes but we do not know it until some time later.  We are just trying to be good boys and girls and do the right thing, only to find out some time later how our actions were set in motion to help someone else.  No angels coming down from heaven saying "you are now going to be inspired to make snickerdoodles"

We made it to FHE and I spent the time on level 2 with the YSA, while Margaret stayed for a while and then went home to bake the snickerdoodles.


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