Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, 14 Nov 2016

We spent the morning doing wash and vacuuming the flat. I am not sure where all the dirt comes from that we take out of the carpet, but it is there.

We left the flat about 11 to go over to Manly to have lunch with our friends, Steve & Mele Hailame. We were in their ward when we lived in Sydney in 1994-95.  Mele & Margaret were in the Primary Presidency together.  Mele is now ward RS president and Steve in in the High Priest Quorum leadership.  It was so good to spend some time with them again.

The Collaroy - the ferry we took from Circular Quay to Manly

Steve & Mele Hailame & Margaret

The Queenscliff - the ferry back from Manly to Circular Quay

Looking out into the Pacific on the way from Manly to Circular Quay.  This is the entrance into Sydney harbour. The north head on the left and the south head on the right

The Opera House as we approach Circular Quay. It is quite the building

We then took the train home and I took a nap while Margaret had her hair cut.

At 7pm we went over to the YSA meeting house for FHE and to say good bye to the missionaries that are being transferred.

Singing the opening song for FHE

The activity for the night was getting to know some of the others at FHE.

Alma 5: 14 - And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God?  Have ye received his image in your countenances?  Have ye experienced this might change in your hearts?
Monday night I was able to see the Saviour, Jesus Christ, in the countenances of at least 3 of the newer members (1 has been a member for 6 weeks and the other 2 for less than 6 months) of the ward.  One of our members was having a very bad time in their life at that moment and these 3 young men rallied around to give support.  One of the young men was ordained an Elder only a few months ago and he & I gave the member a blessing.  I anointed with consecrated oil and the Chinese elder gave the blessing in Mandarin (the native tongue of the member). I do not know what was said, but I do know that the Lord had a lot to tell the member to comfort them.  Wow, it is amazing to me the growth that has come into the lives of these young Chinese members - they are spiritual giants.  I was also reminded that one cannot judge a book by its cover and I was severely brought up short as I learned (again for the 80 millionth time) not to judge so quickly, but that as we get a chance to spend 1 on 1 personal time with a person that we are able to get a glimpse into their soul - the see the great spirit that resides there and to know that they are a son or daughter of our Heavenly Father and are trying (in their own unique way) to become more like the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I learn so much from these young kids and am beginning to realize how much I have to learn and change to be more like my Saviour.

It was a good day and ended even better.

May God bless and be with you

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