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Monday, 31 Oct 2016


Today was our day off from working with the YSA and doing other things.  We spent the morning doing wash and starting a batch of cookies (I am using the royal "we" here, as most of the work was done by Margaret).  A little after 10 am we met the Lems and headed to Town Hall where we were to attend a "By George, it is Gershwin" concert performed by the New South Wales (NSW) Police Concert Band.   They were good.   The band was basically all brass instruments, percussion and a bass violin.
We had never been inside Town Hall before, so it was a treat.  The building is quite elegant and ornamented.

ceiling in the entry to Town Hall

the main assembly hall in Town Hall. Note the HUGE organ in the background which rivals the pipe organ in the Salt Lake City tabernacle and the assembly hall

There is all of the lighting equipment which is in the way of getting a clear view of the pipe organ

the NSW Police Concert Band in place for their concert

The background lighting changed colours several times throughout the concert

The Haigh's chocolate store in QVB (Queen Victoria Building)

Margaret looking at some of the chocolate in Haigh's

After the concert we went across the street to QVB and grabbed a sandwich in one of the shops for lunch.  We then browsed through Haigh's Chocolate shop before leaving - thank goodness we were able to avoid buying in chocolate.

We caught a bus from QVB and rode out to Matraville where the FedEx depot was located.  It took about 50 minutes to get there.  We had to go out there because FedEx tried 3 times to deliver a package to our flat and we were not there, nor did they call us - sooooooooooo   we went to them.  The package/letter had our renewal Visa cards, since the cards had been used fraudulently in the US while we were in Australia.  This was the second set as the first set was sent to the wrong address by Visa.  The joys of living overseas.

Then we headed home for dinner and then over to the ward for Home Evening.

YSA Home evening - making a mummy from toilet paper

The cup knock over game. A player had to wear a nylon stocking on their head with an apple in one of the legs.  Then by moving their head they would swing the apple and knock down cups - no fair using your hands to swing or guide the apple in the nylong. 

A Jack-o-lattern carved from a watermelon by Luigi Gelesso, one of the YSA.  He is studying a chef's school here in Sydney

The winning Halloween games team with their trophy

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