Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, 13 Nov 2016

Sundays are always good.  They are also busy.
Today we had bishopric training at Greenwich Stake Center - that was good and instructive.  We learned that when we extend a calling to someone in the ward that we should make sure they have 5 things -
1 - communicate vision and value of the calling
2- incentives - what do they get out of the calling
3- skills - they need to have or be given the skills necessary to do the calling
4 - resources - they need to know where to get the necessary resources to do their calling
5 - Action/execution plan - they need to know how/what/when to do their calling and to have regular follow up by those who called them

If any 1 or more of the above are missing, then one or more of the following problems can ensue -

Sounds just like something President Jordan, Newbury Park Stake President would teach.

We then attended a general priesthood meeting where 3 of our members were sustained to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and to be ordained an Elder.  These young men (and the young women) never cease to amaze me at their faithfulness and growth in the Gospel.  Many of the future leaders of the Church in China (and other Asian countries) are right before my eyes.

Picture of the Hyde Park ward  missionary committee. It includes the ward missionaries, the full time missionaries, senior couples and bishopric.  Quite a crew we have working on missionary work here in Hyde Park YSA ward

Elder Haley with Bishop Akroyd.  Elder Haley is 2nd counselor in the bishopric.  Bishop Akroyd is quite a person and I look up to him.  He is a great bishop and has a heart of gold

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