Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday, 7 Nov 2016

Today was our day off - kind of.
We had a skype session with Simon Nelson, our grandson, who turned 12.  We were able to talk with him for about 50 minutes before he had to go out bowling and pizza with his family.

Then I went over to the ward building to vacuum for a few hours since it needed some cleaning up before we held a new member fireside at 7 pm tonight. Lots to clean up with on both level 1 and level 2, but it is good to just do some work.  I then walked over to Mitre10 (hardware store) near QVB to look for some hangers for one of the paintings in a new Welcome Room that has been set up on level 1 of the Hyde Park Building.  Mitre10 did not have what I was looking for, but it was good to get out of the building.
Margaret stayed at the flat and did some baking and laundry.  Then she came over an spent some time in the Family History Centre looking up some relatives that our grandson, Simon, found.

We did not hold Home Evening tonight, but had a new member fireside instead.  At 7 pm, the full time missionaries held a New Member Fireside.  We had about 100 in attendance, including investigators.  The theme was "The Stories of Christ". They showed a couple of short videos and had several of the new members share their testimonies of the Saviour.  The testimonies were really good - simple and from the heart by young kids who are learning English, so they were simple but good.  Our concluding speaker was Sister Hamilton, Stake Primary President, and she talked about the episode of Mary & Martha with the Saviour in which Mary listened at His feet and Martha was working in the kitchen - the moral was based around good, better, best in all that we do. We were encouraged to find the "best" of the things we do and do them more often.  After the fireside we had brownies and ice cream - a good way to end the day.

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