Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunday, 27 Nov 2016

Sundays are long days.  Longer than anything we experienced in Newbury Park.  They start at 8:30 am for Mike and to until at least 4 pm.  This Sunday we also had a regional YSA devotional at Villawood which is about 1 1/2 hour train/bus ride from Hyde Park meetinghouse.  We were lucky as the Lems were able to borrow the Zone leaders car and we drove - only 50 minutes by car.
The YSA have a devotional every 4th Sunday of the month, except December.  Usually we get a live video feed from Villawood to the Hyde Park meeting house but this time our stake, Harbour Stake, was in charge of the devotional so we decided to go visit in person this time.

Before the meeting we met Dennis & Paulette Phillips and gas bagged for an hour before the meeting and before they had to leave for a different meeting.  Ah, it was good to be with them again.  We will be getting together some more.

 The devotional has musical numbers and some testimonies - the testimonies are pretty good.  One of the brothers told how he developed this testimony while on his mission.  The concluding speaker was Elder Hamilton, Area Seventy, and he talked about if Heavenly Father talks to us.  The answer is of course that he does.  He gave some examples about attending various stake meetings or making visits to some of the saints during a stake conference and how the Holy Ghost will just let him know that a particular person is the one for a calling that the stake needs or has had trouble filling. We have to be attuned to the Spirit and we have to be ready to listen and ready to act on what we are told by the Spirit.  He quoted President Russell M. Nelson - "you need to learn to listen and listen to learn".  We need to pray for opportunities to share our beliefs and then be ready when those opportunities show up at our doorstop.  They never show up at a convenient time, so we need to know that and make the time for them as they will most likely not come back.

We got home around 10 pm.

It was a good day.

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