Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Friday, 25 Nov 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA.

We worked with YSA and others today on English.  Pushing on diction and/or pronunciation as that seems to be one of the main issues facing the kids.

Tonight we go to watch the Sydney Flames play basketball.  The Flames are one of the women pro basketball teams in Australia.  Jennifer Hamson, BYU graduate, plays for the Flames and is a member of our YSA ward.  The game was a nail biter.  They went into over time, but the Flames came out the winners - 93 to 86.  It was our first game to attend and it was definitely an exciting one.

more of the iron work in the balcony - sure love this kind of iron work here in Australia

The flyer hanging on the wall advertising the Flames' game.  Jennifer Hamson's picture is on the flyer.  She is one of two "imports" for the Flames

Jennifer Hamson on court.  The girl in the white uniform is also a member of the Church and playing for the Bendigo Spirit

We all did try to stand up tall for this photo, but we still came up a bit short.  Haleys on the left. Jennifer Hamson in the centre.  Lems on the right

Jennifer Hamson in centre with Bishop Akroyd and family (Sister Akroyd on the left and Bailey on the right).  The girl immediately to Jennifer's right is with the Spirit and a member of the Church in Melbourne

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