Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday, 18 Nov 2016

Thank goodness it is Friday - we actually get a few hours off tonight as we do not have to clean level 1 of the building.
Miracles never cease in this world for those who have faith.  Faith does precede the miracle.  We have a room in the ward building that has been converted to a welcome room where there are several paintings from the life of Christ and the Book of Mormon.  The room overlooks the street out front of the building.  It was suggested that we remove the middle door to the room as it blocks the view for those in the room.  Since removing the door makes a change to the structure of the building, we have to have approval from several levels in the local Church administration, and then make a request to the local building facilities organisation to arrange for someone to come and remove the door for us.  We got the approvals easily and then submitted the request to facilities.  In our request we offered to remove and store the door, so that facilities could do more important things - VOILA !!, we were given permission to carefully remove the door and store it.  As stated - miracles never cease to happen.

Mike also went to one of the universities (UTS- University of Technology, Sydney) to attend a disciplinary review for one of the Chinese YSA.  Mike had helped him with one of his homework assignments - trying to help teach him proper English which was not being taught at the school.  He was accused of cheating, so we met with the Uni staff and explained what was done.  Then we were told how we should do such things in the future.  Hopefully they understood that all was done with an intent to teach the YSA student and they will not do anything drastic.  I left the meeting feeling fairly good, but we will see.

We finished working with the YSA around 6 pm and then vacuumed our office space - leaving the rest of level 1 for the Lems, as it is their week to clean.  We walked down to Circular Quay and nosed around for a while.  We were able to see the Opera House as the sun set and also after dark.  Funny how we never get tired of seeing the Opera House.  We could also see Luna Park across the harbour on Milson's Point.  The street vendors in the Rocks area were closed - I guess they only open on Saturday night  (maybe we will check them out on Saturday).

Then we had dinner at City Extra - a cafe on the wharf at Circular Quay.  Nothing fancy, but it was there.  We then caught the train back to Museum Station and were home by 10 pm or so.
Lunch at the new Thai restaurant in our building, ground floor

The steeples of St Mary's with the setting sun glistening on them.  A beautiful site

The menu at Phillip's Foote where you choose your meat and BBQ (grill) it yourself.  A favorite place of ours, but we have not been there yet this trip

The Opera House at night

From Circular Quay.  Opera House on the right.  Harbour bridge on the left with Luna Park directly below the bridge (all the white lights)

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