Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday, 6 Nov 2016

Today was not a lazy day.

We started off by Skyping with Meghan E Haley Clarke to wish her a happy birthday.  We also talked with Annika and Tobias for a bit.  It was good to see them all, but sorry we missed Rob who was at work.
 Among other things it was Fast Sunday - the first Sunday of the month.  We have quite a few visitors in Sacrament meeting today.  The testimonies were good, especially from some of the visitors and newer members of our ward.  Margaret bore her testimony and I could feel her sincerity  as she bore her testimony - simple and straight from the heart.  Wow, I was really touched by her testimony today.
We held Fast Breaker  (Break the Fast for all you in the USA) at 2 pm.  We had to carry tables down from level 2 to level 1 since we are sharing the building with another ward this month and they are meeting after us, so we could not use the cultural centre  which is right next to the chapel.  So all the young guys got to show off their muscles by carrying tables down to level 1.  After Fast Breaker, the young guys used the elevator to take the tables back up to level 2.  Then we convened Ward Council, plus a few others, to go over a tentative schedule for 2017 - not solid yet since we are waiting on Stake to finish their 2017 calendar.
Then on to MCM where we discussed how the missionaries were doing.  We have 2 baptisms scheduled for this coming Saturday, 12 Nov, so we discussed final preparations for that event as well.

Then we stayed at the meeting house chatting with others and working on some things until about 7 pm, then went home for dinner and bed.

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