Monday, November 7, 2016

Tuesday, 8 Nov 2016

Well today is close to an end and we have not had to put up with a bunch of baloney about the elections, nor do we know who has been elected - lucky us.  I feel sad for the US, no mater who wins.

We spent our morning working on English with some of the Elders and the brother/sister from Slovenia.  After lunch, we worked with more people on English, AND LISTENED to the challenges in their lives.  Boy, everyone has something in their life that brings them up short and gives them a challenge to overcome.  Some have more challenges than others, and it is heart breaking to listen to these people tell of the things popping up in their lives when they already have the challenge of learning English so they can earn a living - they really do not need any more bumps on the highway of life at the moment.  Several of these people are not of our faith and are missing some of the long term perspectives that we have to help us endure the trials and vicissitudes of life. One can really get involved with the lives of those we teach, as we want to help them have a better life - that is why they have come to Australia - in search of a better life.

We all have challenges in our lives, but it is nice and helpful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ to guide us and give us a long term perspective that allows us to wade through and endure the ups and downs of life.

Oh yes, and I did some work on physical facilities.  Checked some items and submitted a bunch of paperwork to request fixes for somethings.

Margaret made lemon bar cookies for today.  They went well with the US missionaries, but are a bit too sweet for most of the Asian missionaries and members.

Fruit and cookies that we keep out each day for the missionaries, YSA and visitors.  Margaret spends a fair amount of time in baking and buying fruit at the local Coles Supermarket.

Just think, we will wake up tomorrow (Wednesday) in a nice peaceful state while the USA is in total turmoil due to the Presidential elections.


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