Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, 10 Oct 2016

Luke Phillips picked us up in his mum/dad's station wagon and took us to Costco in Lidcombe this morning.  We also had Ambica, Luke & Judy's 4 month old daughter, with us.  She is a cutie and a very well behaved young lady. It was nice to have the auto since we were buying some things (more than normal) for a lunch for the young missionaries.  Costco in Australia looks just like a Costco in the US, except some of the products are brought in to suite the local demand.  There were a lot of Kirkland brand items in the store.  We spent way too much money in the store, but are satisfied with what we purchased.  We kidded Luke (who is vegan) about chauffeuring around non-vegan products in the car and that  is why he used his mum/dad's car instead of his own.

Last night, Sunday, Margaret and I discussed the talks from General Conference.  There were a couple on humility and that struck home - way too close to home. I had just read a short version of President Benson's discussion of pride and that pride was enmity towards Heavenly Father.  Pride is putting our will before the will of Heavenly Father and was also considering ourselves better (at least in some ways) than others.  Any way there was a LOT of soul searching last night by yours truly on the subject and how I could do better at being more like the Saviour.  We were told in General Conference NOT to compare ourselves to others (for good or bad), but if we were going to do any comparing that we should compare ourselves to what we were in the past to what we are now or in the future.

The ward's FHE was held at 7 pm and Bishop & Sister Akroyd were in charge for tonight's program.  Sister Akroyd presented the lesson and also the activity - a small version of Olympic field and track.

At the beginning of FHE, each person stands and introduces themselves, the country they are from and then tell something about themselves per the instructions that day.  Today we were to tell of one of their talents. 

The last event in the Olympic activity was weight lifting.  You can see the weights in the above photo - balloons.

She made it all the way up.  Wow, the strain must be terrible.

Elder Nathan was having trouble with the weights as you can see in the above photo

He got the weights above his head, but was losing his balance. He finally was able to right himself and then dropped the weights to the floor.

We have a good time with the YSA and enjoy working with them.  The Gospel is true whether in the US or Australia.

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