Saturday, October 8, 2016

Friday, 7 Oct 2016  The afternoon

We went "finding" this afternoon.  We have set aside 1 afternoon each week to make sure we have time to go out and meet the YSA members at their flats.  We are told that this is a difficult thing to do, but so far we have had pretty good success - only 2 weeks, but doing well enough to encourage us to keep going.
We start our journey with bus or train, and then finish with bus and walking.  We were successful in finding the young man we were looking for and also found his roommate who is also a member.  We were able to get them to allow us to take pictures of them so we could add them to the ward directory in LDS Tools.

At the rail station there is a gap between the platform and the rail car, so you must "mind the gap" or you will definitely hurt your leg.  The rail car in the picture is on the other side of the tracks, so the gap is not that large

A typical, suburban rail station.  There are some modern ones, but they have kept the older ones which is nice for us tourists

Typical Sydney suburban street.  Note all of the Korean and Chinese writing on the signs and store fronts.

My missionary companion on a cross walk over the Cook River in Campsie, Australia.  This is a suburb of Sydney where some of our YSA live.  It is about a 30 minute train ride from the ward building.

A typical US missionary in Australia with his Akubra hat. Good thing I had the hat that day as it was sunny and I would have fried the top of my head. No scrambled brains though, as you have to have some brains to scramble.

Then back to the ward building for some meetings with the YSA. 
After the meetings we went out to dinner and walked through China town.

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