Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

Today was a "finding" day.   We spent the morning with some of the YSA working with them on English and holding some religious education.  We went to lunch and then headed out on the trains/buses to find one of the YSA that has gone "missing".  The search for the "one" and leaving the 90 and 9 to find the one, is always an interesting thing to do.  We have always learned something when we have gone out, although we have not always found the YSA we are looking for.

Today we went to Roselands which is west-southwest of downtown Sydney.  It is also has a high percentage of Muslims and Indians, so the neighborhood was interesting to be in.  Lots of fun things to see.  We took the train to Lakemba station and then caught a bus to the area we wanted to be.

We did not find the YSA we were looking for. In fact, we found out that they did not live where their address of record said they lived.  So we walked back to the street where we would catch the bus, but we could not find a bus stop sign, so we started walking back to the train station.  We finally found a bus stop, but the bus would not be by for 20-30 minutes so we finished the walk to the station.   Along the way we took time to enjoy the stores along the main street (Haldon).

The main street (Haldon St)  in Lakemba

Another part of the main street in Lakemba

Anyone for Roasted Chicken?

There is plenty of fresh fruit in Lakemba and most other places in Australia. Lots of small, local stores.  I should have picked up a package of Lebanese bread when in Lakemba, but I did not - my loss

Local Gold store in Lakemba.  They mainly deal in 24k (99.999% pure) gold.  This is an Indian owned store

24k gold rings.  I love the color of 24k gold as it shines and sparkles superbly, especially when cut properly

Maybe we will go back to Lakemba, but these little enclaves of ethnic groups abound all over the Greater Sydney area.

A picture of some houses in an older section of Sydney from the train.  The houses are usually fairly narrow, but can be quite long.  Lots of metal roofing.

We got back to the train station and caught a train to Museum Station which is just across the street from the ward building.

We only had 2 students for the IELTS practice tests, so that allowed us to spend some extra time with them and help them with their English.
And home before 8:30pm - hurrah.

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