Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Saturday, 22 Oct 2016

Today was a day to get wet.  The YSA ward went to the Sydney temple in the morning to perform baptisms.  The occasion was a multi-stake temple trip, so there was FOOD at the end - always a way to get the YSA to anything.

On the train to Epping where we will catch the M54 bus to the Sydney temple.

After the baptismal session, the YSA come out to the front for pictures.  We are waiting on the main group who have wandered off to the distribution centre

The front sign that is where most of the pictures are taken

The Sydney temple (in case you cannot read the sign)

After lunch we caught the bus back to Epping station and the train back to Museum station, which is just across the street from the ward building and our flat.  We went back to the flat and took a short nap before returning to the ward building to meet the YSA at 3:30 pm and head to Greenwich ward building for a convert baptism at 5 pm.

Part of the YSA coming from the front of the train at Woolstonecraft station

The other half of the group coming from the back of the train.  Sometimes we have to split up so we can surround the train

Part of the YSA in the courtyard of the Greenwich ward building where we watch the baptisms.  The baptismal font is in the background in the middle, where the glass is located. The font is in the building, but there is not enough room for all of the YSA to be in the room so there is a mirror installed for those outside to be able to witness the baptism.

After the baptism, we headed back to the flat.  We did catch a bite to eat on the way.

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