Monday, October 24, 2016

Friday Evening, 21 Oct 2016

Just a bit more about Friday night.  Margaret and I went to Darling Harbour to get a bit of fresh air and have a break from the office.
We walked from the office down Liverpool street to the south side of Darling Harbour and entered into Tumbalong park.  Then walked up the park to Darling Harbour where we walked around and finally settled on Turkish Pide for dinner.  Then home and to bed.

Tumbalong Park playground.  It is quite a playground

Margaret testing out the waterspouts along the water way leading into Darling Harbour

The waterway from Tumbalong Park to Darling Harbour

Turkish Pide with beef

An uninvited guest who was eyeing our dinner.  I did have to shoo him/her away once when he started to fly up to the table and take away our food.

The lights on the other side of Darling Harbour.  In the upper left is the Westfield City Tower - the one with some red colour to it.

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