Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday, 14 Oct 2016

This morning I went to the ward building in my grungy, Dickies jumpsuit because I was going to do some maintenance things on Level 2 where the chapel is located.  I replaced some fluorescent lamps (bulbs for those of you in the North American area) and then took apart one of the vacuum cleaner heads which was clogged up with hair & string so the brushes would not rotate.
We ran out of lamps, so I submitted a request to area facilities for more spare lamps and asked how I was to get rid of the old lamps.  BIG MISTAKE.  I found out that I was not to change the lamps as that was a safety issue and only the maintenance people are to do that.  I said I would repent.  I did not tell them that I repaired the vacuum brush head.

After finishing the maintenance jobs (I still have more to do which hopefully will not be a safety issue), I went back to the flat and changed into white shirt & tie.  Now I am ready to face the public.

Margaret has 2 young ladies booked for this afternoon for help with writing.  I have participated with the first one; however, before they started on reviewing her papers we somehow got into a long discussion about avoiding anger & revenge and turning the other cheek.  that lead us into talking about life after death, the judgment and how Heavenly Father has a plan to allow all His children to learn about Him and the Saviour, Jesus Christ, so that no one will miss the opportunity of living with Him again.  We also talked about how children who die under the age of 8 are taken care of by Heavenly Father since they do not always have a chance to learn about Heavenly Father.  Well after that stimulating discussion it was back to work - reviewing and adjusting papers written.

A typical view in our office.  Margaret with one of the young ladies.  They are reviewing a few papers written by the young lady  (well both are "young", but the young one on the left is the one that wrote the papers and the young one on the right (Margaret) is doing the reviewing.

Tonight is Game Night - thank goodness it is Friday.  It is our weekend to clean level 1 of the building, so we will chaperone game night and clean level 1.  Game night is held on Level 2 where the classrooms, chapel, bishop office, kitchen is located.

Elder Haley on the hunt for the elusive dust ball.  This has become a regular activity every other Friday night while the YSA are up stairs having a good time.  This is the vacuum that I cleaned/maintained earlier in the day.

Game night.  Multiple games are going on at the same time.  All lead by the full time missionaries

There are table games, as well as other games

Sister Missionary against Elder Missionary.  I am not sure who won, but they did have a good time.

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