Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday, 4 Oct 2016

today ended up being a busier day than we expected.   We did traipse off to Coles to buy some milk and food in the morning. We had our normal visit by several of the YSA and helped them with correcting their English on their home work papers, practicing speaking English and whatever.  At 6 pm we had our IELTS practice tests - we went with listening today so that we had an easier time. At 7 pm, we then met with one of the YSA to help her with her paper - she is actually going to do some experiments/research on the effect of using "green space" in the treatment of ADHD children.  the thought is that allowing the children to have some time out of doors and mingling with nature will help reduce their anxiety and help control their ADHD symptoms better.

When we finished helping her, we headed home for dinner and to get some sleep.

Serving a mission is NOT for sissies.  The clock says it all, and that is not AM when we sat down for dinner after starting the day at 9 am.

We set a new world's record (for us) for having a late dinner.

And we needed to be up and going the following morning, so we call have a Skype video call with my Mom at 8:30 am Sydney time.  So on the 5th of October (in Sydney) we wished my Mom a 93rd Birthday on the 4th of October in San Antonio, TX.

I am not sure where I read that Senior Missionaries could take a nap during the day, if they wanted to, but whoever wrote that note was not serving a mission with the YSA.  We are lucky to get some sleep, let alone a nap.

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