Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday, 8 Oct 2016

Today is General Conference day - for those in Australia who will watch conference via video, rather than live broadcast.  We set up rooms for English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.  It was good to be able to partake of General Conference and we are looking forward to the Sunday sessions tomorrow.

While locking up tonight, I saw the following map.  So now everyone knows that Australia is the center of the world.   And here you thought it was North America - HA, how wrong can you get????  And this is not just an Aussie statement as the map was created by National Geographic, so we have been properly validated by an independent organisation.

National Geographic map of the world, with Australia basically at the center of the map

May you all have a blessed weekend.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide this day and may we all try extra hard to be worthy of his presence and guidance.  Jesus is the Christ and the Saviour of each of us. He loves us and wants only the best for each of us, as does our Heavenly Father.

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