Thursday, October 20, 2016

19 Oct 2016, Wednesday

We served lunch to the young missionaries assigned to our ward today.  We made ham&cheese croissant sandwiches - recipe compliments of Pat McIntyre, Newbury Park CA.  Single Adults eat your hearts out.

Lunch table with croissant sandwiches, potato wedges, salad, veggie tray and chocolate cake for dessert

everyone chowing down on the food.  The young ones are the missionaries that go out finding people who they can invite to come unto Christ.  They work hard, but have a good time while they are working.

After lunch we cleaned up and then put on our walking shoes so we could go find some of the lost sheep.  We are in search of 3 YSA today.  We did not find any at home, but were able to talk with 2 of them by phone.  The neighborhood was interesting but not as unique as the earlier neighborhoods we have visited.

Typical Sydney suburb house from the 50-60's.  Most new ones are not much different.  There is normally no central heating or air conditioning, and very little (if any) insulation. 

Jacaranda tree.  Spring has sprung and I am glad.

I liked the roof line of this home

Newer homes, but similar construction as the earlier homes.

Walking home from Central station, we saw these trees in the park we were walking through.  Lots of roots dropping from the limbs and will finally reach the ground. 

What is wrong with this clock?  We could not believe that we were sitting down to eat at such a time.  We have not eaten this early in a long time

For those contemplating a mission, you need to consider what you may be doing.  Our YSA ward runs late into the evening, but the CES/Institute couples run even later that we do, so I am glad we are not called to an Institute position.

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