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Saturday, 3 Dec 2016

Wow, it is Wednesday 7 Dec already and all the fun stuff has happened, but not been put into the blog.  I hope that I can remember what happened as I find it hard to remember that I go up this morning.

Saturday, 3 Dec, is the YSA ward Christmas party and "yes" we had our Christmas barby on the beach - Maroubra Beach to be exact.  We left the ward bldg about 930 am and rode bus 396 directly to Maroubra beach.  Then a short hike from the bus stop over to the picnic area.  The beach is located over a sand dune from the picnic area so it was ok for the young missionaries to be with us at the party.  We probably had about 80+ in attendance.
We had relay games to start off.  Then we had the feed - grilled sausage, grilled onions, potato salad, cole slaw, green salad, pasta salad, potato crisps (Aussie for US style potato chips) and water melon.  We did a lot of talking while we tried to eat.
After the feed, Margaret and I went for a walk on the beach.  The water was a bit cool, but it was nice to walk along the beach.  Some of the YSA took a walk also.  One pair of Asian sisters had an umbrella and used it to ward off the sun - a typical thing in Asia.

We came home and cut up vegetables for the fast breaker  (break the fast meal - for you yanks) on Sunday as we  & the Lems were assigned the meal.  Then we showered and put on Sunday clothes to go to Parramatta to attend the LDS Orchestra and Choir performance of the Messiah.  The performance on Saturday at the Parramatta Towne Hall was a special event for local government and religious leaders.  After the performance there was a "super" outlay of hors d'oeuvres - sorry that I did not take a picture of the tables.  There was more food than could be eaten by the attendees, but it was super delicious.

The stake president gave us a ride back to the flat, along with the Lems.  That was nice of him and sure saved us some travel time via walking & train.

The crowd beginning to form around the food line

Instructions from the bishop before the feed begins

One of the tables filled with food

sausages on the grill

Elder's Quorum President Jarem Edwards working the sausage grill

Margaret & Jennifer Fangupo with the tennis ball relay race

Bishop Akroyd grilling onions while being tutored by Sister Lems

More sausages going onto the grill

Finally the feed begins

And continues

Margaret in line talking with one of the investigators that attended the picnic

Got a smile from Margaret

The pavilion that we commandeered for the Christmas party

The walkway down to the beach

Maroubra beach - looking north

Maroubra beach - the greens and blues of the water was really something

Again, just in case you missed the last picture

The north end of the beach - we liked the rocks that jut out and form the end of the beach.

one of the street flags in Parramatta as we got off the train. It was pleasing & interesting to me that the local government would fly such a flag - "Merry Christmas" and display the nativity scene.  Not something you find in big cities in the USA.  Maybe the Aussie have something going here ????

Parramatta Towne Hall - with Christmas tree and the Nativity in the balcony of the Towne Hall building.  Some governments and people are not afraid to display what Christmas is about

The sun was setting behind this St Johns Anglican Church building.  They hold services in English, Korean and Farsi 

More Towne Hall with the full Christmas tree

A clock tower in the Towne Hall square. It was dedicated in 1888.  The clocks still work 

Inside Towne Hall.  Not as fancy as the Sydney Towne Hall, but nothing to be ashamed of

Note the ceilings of the main room in Parramatta Towne Hall.

The program of the Messiah and the numbers that were presented

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given.  And He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Might King, the Prince of Peace  (from memory and not exact)

A fitting end to a wonderful day

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