Monday, December 26, 2016

Saturday, 24 Dec 2016

We cleaned level 1 of the meeting house early Saturday morning.  Then went back to the flat where Margaret worked on finishing up the fancy cupcakes for Christmas dinner.
Mike came back to the meeting house at 2 pm to help set up tables and decorate the tables and room.

Some of the fancy cupcakes made by Margaret.  The recipes are at

Orange flavored cupcakes

More cupcakes

close up of some of the cupcakes

Another close up

and one more

Ginger bread with cinnamon icing

and one last shot of the cupcakes 

A side table with deocrations and hand carved watermelon & radish

Watermelon carved with leaves - very intricate.  Radish carved as bird with feathers and tail from watermelon rind

tables set up before any food is on them

Another shot of the tables.  Set for 100 people

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