Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wednesday  7 Dec 2016

It is Pearl Harbor Day.  A moment of silence for all of those men & women who were killed in the attack.

Today we helped with lunch at the Greenwich Zone Conference.  We caught the train at Museum station and rode to Wynyard station where we changed trains to Wollstonecraft station.  From the station we walked through the woods and over a creek and then through side streets to the Greenwich Ward meeting house.
There is a "green" section where the suburb of Woolstonecraft has left the eucalyptus trees and bush grow.  And it happens to have a stream/creek running down the middle of the green area.  It is nice to walk in the shade and hear the water running and the birds singing.  We walk on a bridge that crosses the ravine, but there is a path that goes down into the ravine and up the other side for those who are adventurous.

There were about 26 missionaries (elders & sisters) at the zone conference.  The meal was already prepared for us, so all we had to do was warm the food up and serve it.  Today we had sloppy joes, pasta salad and potato crisps.  For dessert we had brownies with heaps of choc chips.

After zone conference we came back to the flat.  I ironed some shirts and Margaret mended some clothes for one of the elders.  Margaret also ironed some of her clothes.  I also worked on the blog and then decided to make dinner while Margaret continued to mend clothes for the elder.

Mike has bishopric meeting tonight. Margaret will mend cloths, go to Coles Supermarket and pick up some food and work on the baby quilt some more.

Going over the "river" and through the woods to Greenwich Ward building from the Wollstonecraft train station.  The river is actually a creek.  The above bridge goes across the ravine cut out by the creek and the woods are on either side of the walking bridge

Sydney Harbour South Zone Conference -  The full time elders & sisters with President and Sister Checketts

The "river" and woods

The "river" and woods again from the foot bridge

What is wrong with this picture?  Margaret (who took it) says "nothing".  She likes sitting while I do the ironing.

Margaret working on the baby quilt.  She just about went zooey getting the pieces to match in a way she liked.

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