Monday, December 26, 2016

Sunday, 25 Dec 2016   CHRISTMAS DAY

Sacrament meeting was a special program of music and narration from the Scriptures regarding the birth of Jesus Christ.  Mike & Margaret narrated the program.  Music was provided by a number of people and the ward choir.
After Sacrament meeting, the ward walked over to Hyde Park for a ward picture. Then we walked back and waited on the final food preparation.  After Christmas dinner everyone helped clean up and then we all went home.  We got home around 4 pm and laid down for a short nap.  Three hours later we woke up and decided to have some guacamole dip for dinner - which we had to make before we could eat it. Then we relaxed for a bit and then went to sleep - a nice ending to a long, hard day.

One last cupcake picture before they are sacrificed on the tables to the YSA

Hyde Park - YSA milling around as they try to get organised to have a ward picture

Going through the serving line - ham, chicken, turkey, veggies, stuffing, gravy

Christmas dinner table with food & YSA

More Christmas dinner

and more Christmas dinner - Nicole, Hannah & ??

Christmas dinner table set with food before the YSA sits down

Christmas dinner table

Serving table - Margaret serving stuffing and gravy & turkey

Intimate dinner for 110

More of the 110

and more 

Some of the Elders and YSA members. From left to right - Elder Jung, Pay, Elder Tseng, Elder Mistura, Elder Dong, DeShao

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