Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Today started off a bit different.  The Harbour YSA ward bishopric met with the Area Seventy (Johnny Leota), stake presidency & Area facilities Manager to discuss the use of the building and how to make the best use of it and also keep it as presentable as possible.
The sacrament speakers were President & Matron of the Sydney Temple, Walkers, and they also held a Q&A session during Sunday School period for all the members.  The Q&A was quite good and the YSA came up with a lot of good questions.

At 3:30 we left the missionary council meeting (MCM) and went back to the flat to change into "civilian" clothes.  Dennis & Paulette Phillips picked us up and took us over to Luke & Judy's place for a picnic on the grass overlooking the Harbour bridge.  We had a good vegan/vegetarian meal, lots of fun watching Ambica, and just talking in general.

Dennis & Paulette took us home when it was time for Ambica to have her bath.  We had a good time with Luke, Judy, Dennis, Paulette, Katie, Charlotte & Thomas.  Brent was absent due to a meeting he had to attend.

Margaret, Sister Spainhower, Mike

Margaret, Elder Yang, Sister Spainhower, Mike

The MCM - missionary council

The MCM getting down to business

Picnic at Darling Point with the Phillips clan

Getting the best side of Dennis and the rest of the Phillips clan

Ambica at about 6 months.  She is arching her back, but not crawling (yet)

Thomas, Katie, Charlotte teasing Ambica with a stuffed rabbit

Proud papa watching Ambica giggle at the stuffed rabbit

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