Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday, 26 Dec 2016   Boxing Day

Margaret worked with one of the girls on her English for a few hours this morning.

Today some of the Senior Missionaries hired a boat and went out on the Sydney Harbour to watch the Sydney to Hobart sail boat race start.  We then parked the boat in a cove and some of the grandkids of one of the missionary pair swam for awhile.  The rest of us sat and napped or talked.  A nice relaxing afternoon.

The Opera House from our departure point

Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Just to prove that Mike was really on the boat with Margaret. Sydney CBD (city business district) in the background

A larger sailing ship that is just out to watch the Sydney to Hobart race

Sister Marsha Lems and Sister Margaret Haley

The race is about to begin

The lovers out on the bow of the catamaran

Boats racing to keep up with the sailing ships as they head out through the North & South Points on their way to Hobart, Tasmania

The Aussie Elder Haley looking longingly back at Sydney

Bombs away

yes you can swim in Sydney Harbour. 

Sigh.  Time to leave the cove and go back to the real world.

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