Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, 5 Dec 2016

We took some time to go to Costello's and look at Opal stones.  While down on George street we stopped at Lee's Malaysian restaurant and had Malaysian noodles for lunch.   Then back to the ward building where we (yes, we - I helped a bunch - if I say so myself)  cut out pieces for a small quilt that Margaret is working on for one of the sisters who will have a baby in early 2017. She and her husband have just moved to another part of Sydney and so we will lose them after Christmas.
At 4:30 pm we met the Lems and walked to Central station where we caught a train to Epping.  There we were picked up by Elder Dinger and chauffeured to the Mission office for Family Home Evening. We had BBQ chicken (US style), scalloped potatoes & salad.  A super fruit dessert was prepared by the Cox's.
After dinner we were instructed on our duties during the temple ground Christmas lights display which will run from 12 Dec to 3 Jan.
Elder Dinger took us back to Epping train station and we caught the train back to Towne Hall, and then walked back to the flat.  It is about a 15-20 minute walk.

Boulder opal - blue & green

Boulder opal - blue & green

Gold ring with 3 white opals.  The deep blue color is from the opals but is a reflection from the solid back of the ring against the opal.  Really quite a pretty color.

Boulder opal - Green & blue.  This one was quite a deep chunk of opal with the depth about as big as the width.

Boulder opal - blues & greens with a smattering of red - real pretty stone

The Green & blue opal (2 pictures up) from a different angle.  It looks prettier in the first picture

The fruit dessert at FHE.  The middle brown part is made of sliced apples in a rose petal design.  Boy they sure got fancy with this dessert.  Maybe the Christmas spirit got to them.

Margaret already started to eat her dessert before I could take a picture.  Also in the bowl was cream, pineapple, kiwi, orange, apple & pomegranate.  Yes, we do eat well. 

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