Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, 12 December 2016

Today got off to a start, but not exactly as planned.  I was to meet the floor refinisher at 8:45 but by 9:15 he was still not here and was stuck in traffic.  I called Margaret and asked her to come baby sit the building and let the floor man in when he arrived.  I headed down near China town to pay the rent for one of the YSA that was a bit short of money for their rent.
Then I high tailed it down to Costello's on 261 George, where I looked at some opals and waited for Margaret to arrive.  She finally was able to get there after waiting and helping the floor people get into the 2nd level to refinish the wood floor in the cultural centre.

We looked at one of the rings that we saw the week prior that we liked for Margaret.  Jamie Costello had 3 new boulder opals in from the miners and we succumbed to one of them.  It is a bit darker but has lots of red in it, along with blues and greens.  Costello's is now resizing the one ring for Margaret and having the band & setting made for the boulder opal that we selected for me. I hope that it comes out as nice as some of the samples we saw.

Then it was off to Lee's Malaysian food nearby for lunch and then a walk back to the office where Margaret met with one of the Chinese girls working on her PTE test.  I checked in with the floor guy and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the PC.

Family Home Evening (FHE) was held tonight upstairs, but not in the cultural centre since the floor was curing.  The second coat of varnish will go on Wednesday morning.  We had a spiritual thought and then a game where you spin around with your eyes closed.  When you stop you point and hopefully point at someone and have them make the sound of an animal.  Then you have to guess who it was - one way to get to know the sounds of the people in your group.

Finishing up the blog and then heading home for bed.  We have to be at Museum station before 7 am tomorrow to catch the train to Hebersham where the Sydney North mission will be holding its Christmas party and mission training.

Yan Lin in our group after guessing the person who made the sound

One of the other groups

third group with Mino in the center. 

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