Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday, 8 Sep 2016

Well, today was a day to do some chores and help one of the other missionary couples.  They were having a new stove/oven delivered and I was elected to babysit the delivery man whenever he decided to arrive.  He did get to the apartment building (finally) and I helped him unload the new oven and replace the old one.  It is interesting how the wiring is done in Australia versus the USA - neither is right or wrong, but different.

Sister Haley helped a young lady proof read and correct several essays that she had written for one of her classes - I think they spent 3-4 hours together today, with more hours to come.

Two of our Book of Mormon reading appointments fell through today which gave us a bit more time to run some errands that we have been putting off.

We then went to Paddy's market (oops - forgot to take a picture), but Paddy's is like a bazaar or enclosed flea market.  I needed an Aussie tie and a new sweat shirt to wear during my morning exercise.  I will have to post a copy of the sweat shirt tomorrow - GO AUSTRALIA

We then stopped by Coles - the grocery of choice to pick up some food.  Below are pictures of crocodile and kangaroo meat that was on sale at the grocery - not sure when we will buy some, but I could not get Sister Haley to but them today.

 Crocodile curry

Kangaroo burger - gourmet no less

We held the IELTS class tonight and the testing was on Speaking.  We asked questions and gave them a subject that they were to then tell us about.  We only had 3 students tonight, so we could give them a bit more 1 on 1 which is helpful in teaching them.  If we cannot teach them so that they understand and learn, then we are not really helping them.  We asked some of them to answer one of the questions in their native language - then pointed out that was they way they needed to be able to answer the question in English  - I think the light came on for all of them.   The IELTS students are young and may have only been in Australia for a few weeks.  It really feels good to help them.

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