Wednesday, September 7, 2016

1 Aug to 15 Aug 2016  the weeks before reporting to the Missionary Training Center (MTC).
 Blood lake near Park City, Utah with our friends the Ross's
 Blood lake.  Andrew Ross swimming across the lake
Mike & Margaret Haley, Nial Ross, Andrew Ross, Simon Nelson (grandson), Makeda Nelson (granddaughter), Max Ross  in Park City, Utah

Gpa Haley with Makeda in the condo at Park City, Utah

 Ogden Temple
View into the valley from Powder Mountain, east of Ogden.  Elevation about 9,000 feet at from this point.  We stayed in a condo near here for a week.  It gets a bit cold way up here.  We did have hail one day - about the size of peas.

 out the window of our condo in Park City, Utah.  We used the pool when the grandkids came to stay. Looks almost like the accommodations at the MTC  (haha)
Grandkids with mom & dad making s'mores at the fire pit near the pool at the condo.  The marshmallows were the giant size which did not even fit in my mouth - picked out by Simon.

And that was the end of our vacation, as we headed to Provo, Utah and the MTC the next day to start a new chapter and adventure in our lives.


Paraphrasing Brigham Young - May the covenants that you have made with the Lord burn like a flame unquenchable in your hearts.

Pres Paul E. Jordan:   The Fire of the Covenant - Light it, Strengthen it, Protect it, Share it

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