Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, 9 Sep 2016

Today was a bit of a slow day.  One teaching appointment cancelled due to illness.  Sister Haley worked with one young lady for about 3 hours today on her essays for graduate school entry exams.  The work consists of helping the young lady correct sentences into a more grammatically correct version and understanding why - LOTS of learning/relearning of the English language for us.
Yesterday the young lady brought some moon cakes as a present for Sister Haley.

 The metal tin containing 4 moon cakes which are given as gifts for the mid-autumn festival in China.  Moon cakes were developed by a bakery near Hong Kong in 1950
 The tin opened.  there are 4 cakes per tin.  In the upper right is a cut away of the moon cake, showing the 2 duck eggs in it.  It is good tasting and worth a try
The ingredients for the moon cake.  The outer crust is a wheat cake. The inner crust is made from the lotus seed flour/paste, and the two yellow globes are the yolks from the duck eggs.

Tonight, Friday at 7 pm, is game night for the missionaries and any investigators and members of the YSA ward.  Game night is held every Friday night.  There is also a Stake YSA family history mystery night tonight on the second floor of the building so all YSA members are encouraged to go upstairs tonight.

It is supposed to rain tonight and the wind is blowing at a pretty good clip.  Sister Haley and I are planning on going to Watson's Bay for an outing tomorrow, after putting in an appearance at the Elder's activity in the morning.  Plenty to do here and if we think there is not, the Elders & Sisters will find things to fill our day and night.   Whew - sure wish we had the energy of a 18-22 year old so we could keep up.
Time to check in on the YSA activity upstairs.

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