Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday, 22 Sep 2016

Today was a typical day, but I think our typical day will change over time.  We still have some hours during the day that we can fill more productively, but the open time does let me have time to type on the blog which is good since there is not really any time else to do so.

A typical day goes something like this -

0530 -0630   wake up and exercise
0630- 0800   wake up Margaret, personal prayers, personal scripture study, companion scripture study
0800-0900/1000  eat breakfast, shower, get dressed and get ready for the day.  Sometimes we head to the office at 0900 and sometimes 1000
0900/1000 -  2000  meet with YSA kids, read with YSA kids, run the IELTS classes, teach English 1on1, do some finding of lost members, etc
2000 (8 pm for the non-military people) or later, we prepare and eat dinner
2200 (10 pm) we go to bed

What is wrong in this picture?  Ans - note the clock and that is NOT morning time when Margaret was preparing our evening meal today.

Not bragging or complaining - just stating the facts for all you who want to go on a mission.  It is not Club Med
But we love it and we are having an enjoyable time, yet still serving the Lord and His children.  The best of all worlds.


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    1. We do eat lunch, but the time for lunch varies from day to day