Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sunday 4 Sep 2016

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - at least if you live in Australia

We held Fast & Testimony meeting today at the Harbour YSA ward. Sacrament starts at 10 am.  It was interesting to hear the testimonies of new & old members.  About 1/2 of the ward is from Asia and the other half from Europe or Australia.
We sustained 4 brethren to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and to be ordained a Priest.

The ward holds a Missionary Coordination Meeting (MCM) each week after the 3rd hour meeting, and then we held the Fast Breaker  (that is Break the Fast for you Yanks).

About 4 pm, Sister Haley and I went for a walk to the Domain with our ultimate goal to see Mrs. Macquarie's chair.   The lady was the Sydney Governor's wife and she was not super happy at being in Sydney, so she would go down to the point in the Domain and sit and look for whatever - like a ship to take her home
 The landmark for Mrs. Macquarie's chair, but this was not the chair.
The real Mrs Macquarie's chair was the rock ledge that Sister Haley is sitting on in the above picture.  I want to make it clear that this is NOT a picture of Mrs. Macquarie.

The Domain (a section of park) is next to the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Here is a map of the Gardens and the Domain.  The domain is on the right and the Royal Gardens is the green area on the left. Not shown is the Opera House and Sydney Harbour bridge which are to the left of the Royal Gardens and in the inlet in the upper left of the map.

On our way through the Domain we came upon some Sulphur crested cockatoos and then a couple of Lorikeets eating a left over apple

As we approached Mrs. Macquarie's chair we were able to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge.

 The opera house before the sunset
The opera house with the late sunset

It was a nice walk and beautiful scenery.

When we started our walk, we stopped at St Mary's Cathedral which is on the east side of Hyde Park.  It is a large and pretty Cathedral, and is the largest in Australia.  It was built in the late 1800s

 St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney across the street from Hyde Park
Inside St Mary's

Two pictures of the main stained glass window, showing the story of Adam & Eve in the bottom panes of the window.  All the stained glass windows in St Mary's are really beautiful

 One of the trees in the Domain & also in the Royal Gardens. The good looking root in the picture is Sister Haley
the Sydney skyline from the Domain.  The city tower is in the left of the picture. We live about 10-15 minute walk from the tower.

What a blessing to live in Sydney and be able to appreciate the beautiful world that was created for us to enjoy and look after.

And that was our Sunday on 5 Sep 2016. 

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  1. Looks good, wish I was there....wait I am here!! love,
    Sister Haley