Monday, September 12, 2016

Saturday, 10 Sep 2016

Today was a busy day - full of food and adventure.   The Elder's Quorum had an activity in Prince Alfred's Park - just behind Central Station  (the Union Station of Sydney).  They played basketball and ate well

 An uninvited guest.  These Ibis are all over the place and will fly up to the food table, grab some food and flay away
 The Barbie being prepared - chicken on skewers, pork sausages and pork/beef sausages
 the cooking crew.  Luigi (2nd from right) is studying at one of the culinary schools in Sydney, so we are blest to have him take control of the food for various events.  Fernando, Klaus, Shawn & Mino (left to right) are usually the assistants.
 Ready to eat.  We have rolls to put the sausages in.  Now to keep the Ibis away from the food, which did not last very long once the Elders heard the food was ready.
The group of Elders polishing off the food that was so painstakingly prepared for them.  It was good, especially the sausage on a roll with grilled onion.

Sister Haley and I then took off to stop by Paddy's market where we bought a sweatshirt (Australian Green & Yellow colors) for me and some other items - including some cuff links with a kangaroo design. 
Then back to the flat for a short nap.   Later in the afternoon we headed to the Rocks (near Circular Quay) and on the way we met some of the Sister Missionaries who told us of a CHOCOLATE festival at Circular Quay so we made a slight  change in direction.

 The advertisement for the Chocolate Festival
 One of the booths at the festival
 Part of the crowd at the Chocolate festival
 the Opera House from the Chocolate festival side of Circular Quay
Chocolate dipped fruit - pineapple, mango, nectarine.  They were all good tasting.  We took the fruit back to the 29th floor of the building where the YSA ward is located and ate them while looking out over the Sydney skyline at night.
 Sydney skyline - looking North. Sydney Center Tower in the upper center left section.  The Opera House is the two triangles in the center right.  St Mary's Cathedral is the yellow building in the lower right side of the photo.  (sorry we do not have a better camera for these night shots).  Hyde Park is in the center 
The street to the east of Hyde Park, with St Mary's on the right leading up to the Opera House (2 white triangles) in the upper left of the picture.
The ANZAC memorial in Hyde Park

What a nice way to end the day sitting at the top of the building looking out over our new home - Sydney.

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  1. Beautiful night time photos. How cool to attend church 29 floors up.