Monday, September 26, 2016

Saturday, 24 Sep 2016

Today was a good day - busy but good.

We met the YSA at the chapel in the morning and headed for the Sydney Temple at 0830 (well that was the time we were supposed to leave, but we actually left at 0845).  We walked to Town Hall station and caught the train to Epping.  Then we climbed into the M54 bus at Epping Station and rode to the Carlingford Shopping Centre.  We then got off the bus and walked about 10 minutes to the temple.
At the temple the YSA performed baptisms.  We had a few young adults that were not members with us and they waited outside the temple and in the waiting room.  While they were waiting we organized a time for one of the Temple Presidency to visit with them for a few minutes.  After the baptisms, we took pictures (below) and then went over to the shopping centre for lunch before heading back home.

Some of the YSA at the Sydney Temple on Saturday morning.  The ward has a monthly temple trip so that new members can get to the temple within a month of their baptism

We got home around 2 pm and had a short rest before meeting the YSA and "about to be" new members at the ward building.  We left the ward building at 3:30pm with the Greenwich ward building as our destination.  We again walked to the Town Hall station to catch a train to Wollstonecraft station

 At Town Hall station waiting for the train
Wollstonecraft station - we made it and now unloading from the train - all 40 of us

Today we held baptisms for 6 young men and 1 young woman.

The new converts with the young men that will baptize them.  Note that the single rose is slightly apart from the thorns.

Some newly baptized members were more demonstrative than others. 

After the baptisms we headed back home, grabbed a bit to eat at the Schnitzel place and then went to the ward building to clean level 1 where we work.  We clean level 1 every week, so for those who feel it a burden to clean the chapel once every 3 months - come on over and help us.

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