Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday, 17 Sep 2016

Well, I was not going to write about today, but it was a super good day.

We went to the Sydney temple to be with one of the YSA sisters (from Peru) who was receiving her endowments there.  We traveled with one of the YSA sisters from Thailand who is returning home this coming Wednesday.  She was going to do some baptisms before she went home since the LDS temple in Bangkok is not finished yet.
When we arrived the Thai sister was told that there was not enough manpower to have baptisms, so baptisms were cancelled for the day.  Margaret took her over to the office area to find out what day she could come back to perform baptisms.  While they went to the office, the temple President stopped to talked with me (it is a SMALL temple) and I told him of the situation.  He went to the Thai sister and told her to wait a minute.   Then the President rounded up a few men and asked me if I would do the baptizing - of course it was not possible to say "no".   Margaret then went with the Peruvian sister through the endowment session while I went to the baptismal font area.

In the baptismal font area, the temple President was the recorder and I did the baptisms with the Thai Sister. Two other men working in the temple acted as the witnesses. We then were able to do confirmations, so the Thai sister was able to participate in more than she originally expected.

Here is a picture of the Peruvian sister (middle) with Margaret and the Ward Relief Society President who was her actual escort in the temple -

After the temple session we went home with Rhonda Crosbie, one of Margaret's best friends, for the rest of the afternoon.  We had a nice quiet and peaceful afternoon.  Well, I did any way.  Margaret and Rhonda gas bagged the entire time - there was no loss of words that day

Rhonda Crosbie with the Haleys

Rhonda took us to the Brent/Katie Jeffree home so we could say hello to them, but they were not there - their loss.  But here is proof that we were there - just to poke a stick in Katie's eye -

Rhonda took us to the train in Seven Hills and then we headed back to Town Hall station.  We got off the train at Central station because we were told the train ended there, but then saw that it went on so we jumped back on - in a different car.  While standing and waiting for the train to go to the next station a young lady dropped her pen and I stepped over to pick it up for her, but she got to it before me.  A few minutes later one of the young men with her was eyeing us and finally he came over and said - "I repsect what you are doing and think that is great that you are taking time out of your life to share your beliefs."  He asked about us being Mormon and was very kind and praising of us and what we were doing.   We had to leave the train since it came to our stop, but it would have been nice to have talked with him some more.  I regretted that I did not have any pass-along cards (which I fixed today) to give him.

It was a good day

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