Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, 12 Sep 2016

Today is our personal/preparation day (P Day).  We did laundry and baked brownies before meeting the Lems (the CES missionaries in our area) at 11 for a ferry boat ride to Watson's Bay.  We had lunch - fish & chips before setting off for a walk/hike along the cliffs on the southern side of the entrance into Sydney Harbour.

 On the ferry, pulling out of Circular Quay (pronounced like "key").  the Harbour Bridge
 A side shot of the Opera House from the ferry
 The front  (or back???) of the Opera House with some of Sydney in the background
Our Destination - Watson's Bay.  Now for some fish & chips
 some of the beach at Watson's Bay
 Smile !!
Sydney skyline in the background from Watson's Bay

 Some of the cliffs on the ocean side (Tasman Sea) of Watson's Bay
 More cliffs
Loved the various colors of the water as it crashed into the rocks

 Panorama from Watson's Bay - showing the Tasman Sea on the left and Sydney Harbour on the right.  Sydney CBD (city business district) in the middle
Panorama from Watson's Bay showing the entrance to Sydney Harbour.  The land in the background is the North Head (north side of the entrance).  Watson's Bay is located on the South Head.

The Lighthouse on the South Head.  Built in 1858

We took the bus back to our flat from Watson's Bay since the ferry was not going to come in for about an hour.

Monday is Family Home Evening (FHE) and the YSA ward has a good one.  The lesson/spiritual thought was given by a new convert from China - She did a super job.  We had kids from China, Thailand, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Brasil, Italy and USA - not sure what country I forgot.
The games & food come after the spiritual thought, and the YSA really get into their games.  Tonight we played 2 games and the last one was popping the balloon tied to one of the feet. 

 Most of the sisters had been eliminated by this time
But not all.  Sister Liao was hiding her balloon behind her feet and staying out of the action.  She did not win though.   Sister Liao will be ending her mission soon and heading back to China.

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