Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friday, 16 Sep 2016

Margaret and I were doing our morning scripture study and we read Alma 60 & 61.  These 2 chapters deal with Moroni, Captain of the Nephite Army, writing to Pahoran, governor or chief political leader of the Nephites, and complaining that (rather harshly) the central government was not sending any food or new recruits to help with the war against the Lamanites.  Moroni was really angry in his letter to Pahoran and accused him of gross negligence in his conduct as a governor.
What struck us was the reply from Pahoran (Alma 61).  Pahoran did not jab back at Moroni or say all the things that Mike Haley would resort to in such a situation, but Pahoran just said that he was sorry that Moroni and his men were suffering and that he found no joy in that.  He explained the situation and offered what support he could to Moroni.
Pahoran took the high road.  He was charitable towards Moroni. He was Christ like in his reply.  Boy that sure cut me off at the knees.  I thought of all the times that I reply with a tit for tat; how I jump to conclusions and put my mouth in gear before I put my heart in gear.

So with that thought in mind, I went over the our office to meet with a young man who does not speak English very well and we discussed keeping the commandments from Preach My Gospel.  We had a good discussion with the aid of a white board to help communicate thoughts and an English/Mandarin dictionary.

Below is an example of the sophisticated artwork that we used -  Notice the Holy Ghost going into the heart of the person via the superb, artistic handiwork of Elder Haley (Michelangelo eat your heart out)

Oh, yes here is another artwork masterpiece on the Tree of Life and the great & spacious building (the world) separated by the river of worldliness

We have game night tonight, as we do every Friday. Lots of young adults playing all kinds of crazy games and then eating - always eating.

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