Friday, February 3, 2017

Sunday, 29 Jan 2017

Where does the time go?  It was just Sunday the other day and now it is Sunday again. (actually it is Tuesday, 31 Jan, but that is another story and blog entry)

Monday, 23 Jan -   We did some teaching today and I made a welfare grocery run.  Then off to Carlingford for FHE with the Senior Missionaries.  Since it is close to Australia Day, 26 Jan, we had Aussie food for dinner - compliments of Sister Barr and the McSweeney's

Aussie dinner - meat pies, sausages, chips (fries)

BBQ sauce on the sausage

Table runner going away gift for the Leisters.  With various Australian and Aboriginal designed material.

Tuesday, 24 Jan -  We did our normal teaching and IELTS practice testing.   Bishop Akroyd is going up north for the holiday (Australia Day), so we held our bishopric meeting tonight.  The Pacific Area has issued their plan for 2017 and we will be presenting that on Sunday during the 3rd hour.

Wednesday, 25 Jan - Getting ready for tomorrow and celebrating Australia Day.  Margaret stayed home to get a BUNCH of sewing done for the missionaries - sewing up pants and shirts.  Margaret finished the baby quilt for the Petry's and we delivered it on Tuesday, 31 Jan

Baby quilt - binding & ties

Baby quilt - binding and back

Baby quilt - back & binding

Baby quilt - top

Thursday, 26 Jan 2017

AUSTRALIA DAY -  Happy Birthday, Australia   We took most of the day off to enjoy the public holiday.  Around 5 pm we walked over to Darling Harbour to stake our a piece of real estate to plop our bodies and watch the festivities.  The Lems went with us.  We grabbed a take away Gozleme (look it up) and waited for the Dragon Boat races at 7 pm and the fireworks at 9 pm.  Lots of people dressed up in the Australian flag.  It was a good day.

Panorama of Darling Harbour on Australia Day

Want an Australian tie????

Australia, Australia

Everyone gets into the act on Australia Day

Twins.  At least twin hair bows

Margaret & the Lems - waiting and looking tired

Dragon Boat races
And I mean everyone wants to get into the Australia Day act

And now for the fireworks

and more

and more

even more

and not finished yet

Let's shoot for the sky

A waterfall of fireworks off the Darling Harbour causeway bridge

Friday, 27 Jan 2017
Lunar New Year's Eve.   We went to China town, but there was not much happening.  There was a lion dancer, but that was about it - other than a LOT of people looking around.  The year of the Rooster, but NO rooster tie.

China Town Lion Dancer and a Bazillion people

The Lion again

Down the main walkway through China Town, Sydney Australia

Saturday, 28 Jan 2017
Lunar New Year's Day

We had window cleaners come wash the windows on both levels of the meeting house, so Mike was over at the meeting house at 6 am to check things out and to give the cleaners access to some of the windows.  Later in the day, Margaret met with one of the women she is teaching and spent a few hours with her.  Then off to Greenwich for the baptism of 4 converts at 5 pm.  It was a good meeting and the talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost were given by fairly new members - they did an excellent job.  Then back to the flat to change clothes and  off to Circular Quay to see the larger than life lunar animal lanterns that are spread around the wharf area.  We grabbed a sandwich while down there.  It is the year of the Rooster so that specific lantern was closest to the Opera House.

The Harbour Bridge with RED lights

The sheep

The Dragon

The Mouse.  Margaret's lunar animal

The Monkey

The Opera House - red

The Cow

The Tiger
The Opera House turning red for Lunar New Year

The Snake

The Horse

Sunday, 29 Jan 2017

The speakers in Sacrament were really good today.  They talked about Heavenly Father and how we can get to know him better.  One of the speakers talked about her dad and related how she can know Heavenly Father, just like she knows her own father.  After the 3 hours, we had ice cream and in honor of Lunar New Year we had dumplings.   After all the meetings and eating, Margaret and I changed clothes and walked to Circular Quay where we looked at the last of the lunar animal lanterns that we had not seen the night before.
The Pig  (and Mike, just in case you are not sure which is which)

The other side of the Pig, with Mike.  This is Mike's Lunar animal

The Rabbit with a little help from Margaret

The Harbour bridge from close to the southern starting point of the bridge

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