Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday, 4 Feb 2017

Another week just whizzed by

Monday, 30 Jan -  We spent some time teaching in the morning and then worked on catching up with other things the rest of the day. Margaret went shopping for Aboriginal fabric to make a table runner, which she will be making on 4 Feb. FHE was conducted by Bishop Akroyd and we reviewed the Pacific Area plan for 2017 - strengthening our faith in Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ.
The fabric for one side

Australian animal fabric for the other side

Tuesday, 31 Jan - Today President Checketts held a Zone Conference in Greenwich.  The Haleys and Lems attended the meetings and prepared the lunch for the 30+ young missionaries.
Happy Missionaries since they have been fed

Wednesday, 1 Feb

Oh my, another month down.  Time is really flying by.   We went to Costco in the morning to get Mike's hearing aids adjusted.  Then back to the meeting house for lessons and teaching.

Thursday, 2 Feb

We went to Costello's and picked up our opal rings today.  Pictures to follow.  Mike has to take his ring back for a minor adjustment.  Mike also had to go to the bank to wrestle with the people there on a matter for the ward as part of his counselor assignment.  Mike lost the wrestle.
Mike's boulder opal

The same ring at a slightly different angle gives a totally different set of colours

Margaret's ring.  3 white opals inlaid in gold.  Solid back to help the light reflect back out the opal; hence, giving the blue & green colors.

Friday, 3 Feb\

More window cleaning - the ones they could not get to last Saturday.  Also had to get a key made for one of the Elder's flats since they lost a key.

Saturday, 4 Feb

We held a ward leader training meeting in the morning, along with breakfast .Mike is still full from breakfast.  Margaret is out in Carlingford working on the table runner.  Mike has been assigned by Margaret to bake a 2nd chocolate cake - time to go home and do that.

Sunday, 5 Feb

Fast Sunday.  The Fast breaker was prepared by the Lems.  Dessert was by the Lems and Haleys. We held MCM at 3 pm and said goodbye to all the missionaries that are being transferred on Tuesday or going home.  Sister Ihler is going home.

Panorama of the MCM

A group photo of the Harbour YSA ward MCM

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