Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

This week was a "back to work" week.  We were in full swing with teaching and testing.

Monday we made a trip to Costco to buy the food we needed to have pulled pork for the 16 missionaries assigned to our ward.  Here is Margaret getting on of the trolleys that we use to haul our food from the grocery store back to our flat.  Not quite the same as a SUV, but they are sufficient for our needs, and better than some people have in other parts of the world.

Margaret picking out one of the trolleys we use to carry food home from the grocery store

One of the sad parts of our mission is saying goodbye to the people we work with and help learn the English language a bit better.  BUT, it also brings happiness as we now have new friends in many different parts of the world.

Margaret & Mirjana from Slovenia.

Saturday, we did some fixit things for the sister missionaries, but changing out their shower head and changing some light bulbs.  There is always something that needs to be fixed in one of the 3 flats that are occupied by some of the missionaries that are near the Hyde Park building.

Oops, there is a cover missing

Many of the lights have the 2 prongs on the end, and no screw like we normally see in the US

This bulb has the 2 prongs on the side.  So we have at least 3 types of bulbs that need to be kept in stock - give me a break here.

Saturday noon, we went to the Rocks Saturday market for lunch and to have a look around. It was nice to get out for a bit. Then back home so Margaret could do some more work on a baby blanket and then off to see a WNBL (women's national basketball league) game.  The Sydney Flames were playing the Perth Lynx, and Jennifer Hamson (from our ward) is playing for the Flames.

It is summer.  There is a different cruise ship in Circular Quay about every 2-3 days. 

Kebab on the grill.  Margaret had Moroccan lamb kebab and I had a grilled, turkish flat bread with spinach, cheese & chicken.

Remnants of a boulder opal mine, where there are pieces of boulder with flecks of opal.  Some of the stones were pretty but most were just ok.  It really depends on how much opal is showing in the stone.

Sunday Sacrament was good - as usual.  The topic was how to recognize the Holy Ghost.  We learned that the Holy Ghost does not necessarily come to us, but we must prepare and be ready for him.  We must be ready to receive him, then feel him in our minds & hearts, then be ready to act on the promptings that we receive.

Tonight we will watch the CES fireside.

Have a blessed Sabbath.

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