Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sunday, 11 Feb 2017

Note - I am going to try to make a short comment for each day - at the end of the day or the next day while I can remember the day and remember whatever feelings I had.

Monday, 6 Feb -  We changed out light bulbs and one light socket in the Sister's flat this morning.  Then we cleaned up our own flat as we have an inspection by the property manager tomorrow at 10 am. Margaret will be working with Avril today - before her PTE test tomorrow.  Cristina is coming in at 1 pm to practice for her IELTS and to discuss her job prospects.  Hopefully at 2 pm I will be at a BBQ for the missionaries put on by Mino.  I left for the bbq at 2:15 and got there about 2:45.  The food sure tasted good after the walk.  I took a chicken burger sandwich back for Margaret and Avril.  FHE tonight at 7:15 pm.  Mino taught the lesson about trusting in Heavenly Father.  The activity was a blindfold tour of the building with the blindfolded people being led by the "spirit".

Tuesday, 7 Feb - Waiting on the property manager to come by at 10 am for the semi-annual inspection.  Mike has a lesson with Elder Taufa at 11.  The Elders that he teaches are doing well and have a lot of questions about what they read and other Church teachings. Today Avril takes her PTE test and we hope that she will do better than the last time.  She does seem to be more ready this time, per Margaret. We work with these kids and grow to love each of them; although, sometimes they can exasperate you - just like any other 18 to 30 year old.  We are reading the Doctrine & Covenants in the morning together and just finished D&C 20.  We have also been reading the history that relates to each revelation and it is interesting to see how the revelations came about.

Wednesday, 8 Feb - It is a rainy day today. Mike met with Cristina and we worked on speaking. She wants to take the IELTS at the end of March.  Margaret worked with Avril.  Avril did take the PTE test yesterday and feels better about it, but will not get her results until next week.  We get a satisfaction when those we help can achieve their English test goals or at least come close to them. Mike adjusted the cutting edge of the paper cutter that the missionaries use - it still will not cut a single sheet. Mike talked with Tianyi this afternoon after he finished his lesson with the sister missionaries.  He is headed to China on 15 Feb and hopefully will return in April after he gets his new visa - we hope he will get the visa. Tianyi did not achieve the IELTS score he needed to get an extension on his visa.  Lots of kids coming in & out today.  It is a good place for them to come and meet with other members & friends.  It is nice that we have such a place for them to meet.

Thursday, 9 Feb - Where has the time gone?  It is now Friday, 17 Feb and I think I have forgotten all that has happened since 9 Feb.  Today was a typical day of teaching and practice testing.  The English language is a hard one to learn as the rules (and exceptions) are all so backwards to the way most other languages are used.

Friday, 10 Feb - The carpets on level 2 of the Hyde Park meeting house were cleaned this morning and Mike had to be over to let the cleaning guy in.  Then a bunch of teaching of English until about 5 pm.  At around 5 pm, we grabbed our backpacks and headed out to Rouse Hill to spend the nigh with Rhonda Crosbie.  We met her at the Rouse Hill shopping mall and had a Thai dinner and frozen yogurt.
Margaret & Rhonda with the frozen yogurt

We stopped at Coles on the way home to pick up some food for Saturday.  We were tempted (NOT) to buy some Vegemite that was on sale.

Saturday, 11 Feb - We spent a nice leisurely day with Rhonda.  We took a walk in the bush land set aside as a green area near her home.  Margaret & Rhonda spent the day gas-bagging and Mike worked on taxes.  Margaret & Rhonda slipped out of the house to buy a birthday card for Mike and came back with the card PLUS TWO dresses for Margaret - a fair deal I was told by Rhonda.
One of the dresses bought by Margaret

Sunday, 12 Feb -  It was a busy day with meetings for Mike starting at 0830 and going to about 4 or 4:30 pm.  With the YSA covering a lot of territory the travel times can get pretty long for the YSA, so we try to cram as much as we can into Sunday.  We had one of the new members talk as well as 2 of the young missionaries.  You can see a lot of growth in both the members and young missionaries - especially the missionaries from the Asian countries. They really work hard at doing what is right and learning more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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