Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday 19 Feb

Monday, 13 Feb -  Today is Uncle Herb Smith's birthday.  I miss him and enjoyed the time that I lived with him & Aunt Marjorie.  Margaret & I took today off as my birthday since the 14th was going to be a busy, normal day.  We went to Phillip's Foote with the Lems for lunch and had a great lunch.  I had the marinated steak kabab and Margaret had the lamb chops - again.  We then stopped by the jewelers and dropped off my ring to have one of the prongs redone.  Margaret made some cinnamon rolls with penuche (brown sugar) icing - oh my, I really love those rolls.  I crushed the pecans and added them on top. Maybe next time (I hope there is a next time) we will had the pecans into the rolls themselves.  We gave some of the rolls to the Lems and froze a few for later.
Cinnamon rolls with penuche icing and pecans.

Margaret worked some more on the table runner.  It has aboriginal prints on one side and Australian animals on the other side.  Getting close to done.
Table runner with the aboriginal prints

Table runner with the Australian animals and scenes

It was a good day.

Tuesday, 14 Feb -  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike.   Today was a busy, normal day.  Lots of scheduled time teaching English and sharing the gospel as part of the teaching.

Wednesday, 15 Feb - Mike needed to make a run to Officeworks to pick up a printer ink toner cartridge for the young missionaries printer.  They were out of toner and they use the printer quite a bit to print out pass along "cards" inviting people to the English class they teach each Monday - Friday at 6 pm. Then Mike needed to conduct a temple recommend interview and then have bishopric meeting, except the bishop was sick today so the bishopric meeting was cancelled.  Margaret spent a fair amount of time with Avril helping her prepare for the PTE English test.  Avril is making some fairly good progress in her pronunciation.  Mike was able to have a FB Messenger chat with one of the sister members on how to be a leader.  It was nice to have the opportunity to share experiences in leading in a way that the Saviour would do - even though the leading was at work and not at Church.  Mike came away from the chat feeling like he accomplished something today.

Thursday, 16 Feb - We were able to talk with Heather and a bit later in the day with Brea on Viber.  It was good to have a few minutes with each of them.  It is interesting how when either Margaret or Mike teaches English that we also veer off onto other subjects and discuss the questions that are nagging at the minds of the young adults that we are working with.  We hope that we are making a difference and giving them some sound advice or freedback.

Friday, 17 Feb - Today is going to be a different day - they all are.  Margaret does not have any appointments until 1 pm so she can stay home - doing laundry and sewing.  Mike had an appointment at 10 am, but it was cancelled due to a district meeting that the elder forgot about.  Tonight we clean level 1 and Mike will be helping/advising on the cleaning of level 2.  It is the Single Adults (31+) turn to clean this weekend.

Saturday, 18 Feb -  The ward temple trip is today.  We leave Hyde Park at 0830 and the temple baptisms start at 10 am.   Harbour stake conference is this weekend and Mike has a 4 pm meeting and then we both will attend the 7 pm general adult session.

Sunday, 19 Feb - Harbour Stake conference general session was held at 10 am. As usual the stake conference had several good talks.  the challenge is to now do something with the talks and not just say they were good.

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