Monday, January 2, 2017

Saturday, 31 Dec 2016


We invited ourselves to Luke Phillips & Judy's place for New Year's eve - or at least for the 9 pm fireworks on the Harbour bridge.  We did not stay for the 12 pm fireworks this year, but think we will do so next year.

We took the bus to a spot near Luke's and then walked the extra little bit.  We also took the bus back to our flat after the 9 pm show.  We now know that the bus will run after midnight so we are ready for NYE 2017.

We had a good time with Luke & Judy.  We had some snacks, pizza and veggies.  We brought some veggies in oil/balsamic vinegar and it was well received. Ambica is growing and is a very good, happy child.  She stayed up for the 9 pm fireworks.  Luke/Judy had a pair of noise cancellation head phones for her.

Margaret in front of one of the "traditional" Aussie architected homes

Darling Point - in front of Luke/Judy's place.  It is fenced off and alcohol free.  The Harbour bridge is in the middle with the small white lights

Ambica with her noise cancellation head set

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Sydney 2016/2017
this is the 9pm "warm up" show for kids and old folks

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