Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday, 14 Jan 2017

My, where has the week gone.  It is Saturday and the week is a blur.  Monday (PDay) was not a Pday at all, but we worked.  That was hard after having 3 days off.  Family Home Evening was conducted by the Relief Society and it was really quite good - a good, substantive lesson and a fun activity.
The Mission President was in for interviews with the young missionaries on Wednesday and Thursday.  We had lunch with him & his wife (President & Sister Checketts) and the CES senior couple in the building (the Lems).
Thursday morning we inspected some of the flats that the young missionaries live in.  The sister's flat was the cleanest.  The elder's did ok, but have some work to do to catch up with the sisters.
We worked with several of the young kids on preparing for the various English tests that they will be taking.  So we are starting to get back into the normal routine of things.  One of the young men that I work with is starting to have a desire to come back to Church - that is a heart warming thing for me.  The sisters are now working with him and are pushing him along; whereas, I was just being a lot more gentle. The sisters are doing the right thing.
Thursday we had a man just out of the hospital stop by and ask for some help.  I talked with the bishop and we did provide some help.
Friday it was normal work and then help the Single Adults (31+) clean level 2 of the building. Then Margaret & I worked on getting the user manual for the sewing machine that is in our flat, so she can set the sewing machine to the proper stitches, tension, etc.
Another man stopped by on Saturday, but we were not able to help him.  Bishop is getting a list of food kitchens in the area where we can refer the people.  Margaret has spent the day working on the baby quilt for the expecting sister in our ward - one of the couples assigned to help with the YSA.
It is now 7:15pm and dinner is still being prepared thanks to Margaret - smells good.

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